CertifiedCertification is an important component of any professional who provides services to an organization or members of the society. A professional certification provides the required credibility, knowledge and confidence to offer the best possible services and win the trust of those whom rely on certified experts for guidance and solutions.

Identity management is a growing career field and top priority for many organizations as they attempt to manage and protect an increasing number of employee, customer and third party identities. In particular, identity theft is an ever increasing risk facing consumers and businesses and provides huge business and career opportunities for identity protection firms and professionals. Knowledgeable identity risk experts are needed to mitigate these evolving risks for companies and consumers. Visit the career page for more information.

Identity Management Institute® administers three professional certifications with distinct differences for those who offer their services to organizations and consumers.


CRFS Certified Red Flag Specialist (CRFS)®

Many companies within a variety of industries are affected by rising instances of identity theft and fraud costs. As these companies attempt to reduce their identity fraud losses, they must also comply with various laws including the Red Flags Rule which requires certain high risk companies to develop and implement an identity theft prevention program. The Certified Red Flag Specialist® (CRFS) designation was specifically created to train and certify employees, consultants and auditors who are responsible for preventing identity theft in high risk companies affected by identity theft. Learn more about CRFS.


CIRM Certified Identity Risk Manager (CIRM)™

The Certified Identity Risk Manager™ (CIRM) designation is developed for professionals who manage identity risks in their day to day jobs. Identity risk management is not a centralized function within an organization and therefore such risks exist and must be managed within access administration, audit, security, privacy, compliance, fraud, project management, human resources, information systems, risk management and information technology groups. Learn more about CIRM.


CIPA Certified Identity Protection Advisor (CIPA)®

The Certified Identity Protection Advisor® (CIPA) program is designed for identity theft protection professionals who educate, guide and support consumers to prevent, detect and resolve identity theft. Such professionals typically work for organizations in which employees and customers interact with one another to solve their identity theft challenges. Professional service providers such as lawyers, professional office organizers, and tax preparers may also benefit from this identity theft protection certification program. Learn more about CIPA.