Identity Management Institute® (IMI) is the first and leading global certification organization dedicated to identity governance, risk management, and compliance. IMI was founded in 2007 to help redefine identity management in order to address all identity risks, and support the professionals in the field to effectively collaborate and manage the identity risks facing their employees, customers, and organizations. As such, IMI has created training and certification programs, an active online community with some of the largest discussion groups comprised of thousands of global experts, as well as a leading identity management blog on the Internet.


Identity Management Institute® (IMI) is an international organization established to redefine and promote the identity management field, serve identity management professionals, increase identity risk awareness, and provide identity risk management standards, guidelines, certifications, and education.


Identity Management Institute® is a forward thinking organization which strives to provide solutions for the ever evolving identity management challenges in the most creative, effective, and efficient ways. IMI was established to:

  1. Redefine and promote the identity management profession and address all identity risks inside or outside of an information system,
  2. Foster a community and governing body for all identity management professionals,
  3. Establish an independent accreditation process of the highest standard of excellence for the identity management professionals,
  4. Serve the members and the public through advocacy for the profession, awareness regarding the identity risks, education, and collaboration for solving the challenges,
  5. Contribute to the field through Critical Risk Domains™ (CRD), standards and education tools,
  6. Educate its members and the public through events and tools that promote best identity management practices, and
  7. Promote the highest professional ethics and standards for the identity management profession.


Our advisors are select volunteers at-large who are certified members of IMI. The advisors provide guidance as needed with regards to IMI mission, objectives and operations.

Member Profile

IMI certified members are professionals with certain identity management responsibilities within various business functions, companies, industries and government agencies. IMI has trained and certified employees of great organizations within a variety of industries including financial services, health care, insurance, consumer products, government agencies and other consumer services.

Speakers & Presentations

Identity Management Institute has global certified members who are experts in a variety of identity risk management disciplines including identity theft, privacy, access management, and compliance. Due to IMI’s global presence and membership, identity management speakers can be engaged for presentations in almost any language and topic of interest. Contact us to engage a professional speaker or inquire about presentation materials.

Partnership Programs

We believe that vision, creativity, and collective contributions are prerequisites for progress and when unique resources collaborate together, ultimate solutions become alive. Through sharing ideas, information, skills, practices, resources, and opportunities, IMI has built an active global community that supports identity risk professionals. Talented organizations which have similar aspirations can partner with IMI to create and offer the best possible solutions.

To share your ideas about partnerships or new product and service offering, please contact us.

Media Inquiries

IMI is often contacted by members of the media, regulators, and leading organizations for thought leadership, future risk trends, pressing challenges facing consumers and businesses, and control strategies in the areas of identity management. Contact us to request interviews or information.

Legal Notice

IMI is dedicated to protecting its applicant and member information as well as IMI’s copyrights and trademarks. Please click here to read about IMI’s terms of use, privacy policy, and other legal notices related to this website.