Advisory Board Membership Application

Identity Management Institute (“IMI”) invites industry leaders to join its Advisory Board. This Advisory Board Membership Application (“Application”) must only be submitted upon request and invitation from IMI.

Advisory Board Benefits

By joining the Advisory Board of Identity Management Institute, the Advisory Board Member (“Advisor”) will enjoy:

  • Free IMI membership
  • One free certification
  • Free listing of professional profile on IMI website

Advisor Duties & Requirements

As part of this Application and agreements herein, Advisor must:

  • Become a member of IMI (fees will be waived)
  • Display IMI Advisory Board affiliation online and elsewhere
  • Promote IMI and support its products
  • Protect the IMI brand and its reputation
  • Be positive toward and protect IMI and its members
  • Share growth and improvement ideas
  • Respond to occasional inquiries from IMI regarding Advisor expertise and contacts
  • Abide by IMI rules and Code of Ethics

Selection Process

The following is a list of criteria used to select an Advisor. The selection decision is entirely at the discretion of IMI management and/or its Advisory Board:

  • Professional experience (must have at least 10 years of management experience in identity and access management, cyber security, data protection, privacy, identity theft, or related field)
  • Professional standing (must be recognized as industry leader supported by the number of online contacts, followers, and activities)
  • Publications
  • Related special skills
  • Diversity
  • Character and background


The Advisory Board Membership duration is one year which may be renewed at the discretion of IMI. The Advisory Board Members and/or IMI may terminate the relationship at any time with or without notice. IMI may remove the Advisor from all lists, websites, and future communications at will or upon request from the Advisor.

Upon termination, Advisor will lose all benefits but may retain membership and certification by paying the annual renewal fees upon expiration. Membership renewal fees will not be waived after termination.

Additional Information

  • We may reach out to you for additional information regarding your application. Upon acceptance of your application, we will ask for your digital photo for website posting.
  • Advisory Board membership is by invitation only and volunteer based. There is no monetary compensation or expense reimbursement.
  • There will be no other tasks to complete except the ones noted in the Advisor Duties.
  • The Advisor has no power to act for, represent, or bind IMI and cannot take action that implies it has this type of authority.
  • Advisor must not share any confidential information with any party.
  • Advisor does not own any IMI content, trademark, or assets at any time.
  • Advisor is responsible for ensuring the Advisory Board duties listed herein do not conflict with any arrangement with another company or venture.


First Name*:
Middle Name:
Last Name*:
Current or Last Employer*:
Business Title*:
LinkedIn Profile Link:
Please describe why you intend to join the Advisory Board?* How can IMI benefit from your Board membership?* Please list other Board memberships?* Please write your professional resume summary in 100-150 words (this may be edited and posted on our website if you are selected to serve on the Advisory Board* Have you ever been found guilty of fraud or ethics violations*? If yes, please explain:


I hereby attest that the following statements are true:
a. If elected, I agree to abide by and perform all Advisor duties listed herein.
b. I have no financial interests that would present a conflict of interest in serving on the Board. If such conflict should arise, I agree to excuse myself from any such discussion, resign from Board, and leave if requested by the Board.
c. I agree to uphold the mission, purpose, and public presence of IMI and to support the organization and never take any action that may harm IMI.
d. I agree to help with the growth and sustainability of the organization.
e. I have no criminal history and have never been investigated for ethics violations.
f. I will not disclose any confidential information that I may obtain as part my Advisor duties to anyone.
g. I fully understand the role, requirements, and the information in this application. I hereby apply for the Advisory Board Member role. I understand that my application may be rejected and my membership can be revoked at any time without cause.

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