Call Center Employee Fraud Training

Incidents of call center fraud are on the rise according to various call center fraud reports. This is partly due to the migration of scammers from online channels, where breaches are becoming more difficult to commit, to the largely unprotected and vulnerable environment of call centers. According to Identity Management Institute, employees are soft targets that fraudsters recognize and attack through social engineering to make unauthorized transactions and commit fraud. The basic definition of social engineering is the use of deception and manipulation to persuade unsuspecting call center employees to share confidential information that can be used to steal other sensitive information and commit fraud or execute an unauthorized transaction.

Due to increased number of fraudulent calls and successful execution of fraud schemes, targeted companies face higher fraud costs which they must address primarily through employee training and deployment of smart systems. 

Employee Education

A knowledgeable call center team is the key to fraud prevention. Each call center employee must be trained to recognize fraud, beginning with a strong onboarding program and continuing as new types of threats are discovered. Training must specifically include fraud detection and the protocols for responding to and reporting scam calls. It’s important to emphasize discernment rather than quick call resolution so that employees don’t feel pressured to speed through calls and wind up missing the signs of a threat.

No matter what tools and protocols are used, implementation and use must be enforced across all call centers used by a company, including those overseas. Failure to implement policies in a unified manner can compromise security and lead to costly breaches.

The sharp increase in call center fraud in recent years suggests a shift in the way scammers and hackers are obtaining personal information and committing fraud. Company executives, call center supervisors and customer service employees must all be prepared to identify and deal with scam calls, including staying informed of the latest tricks and tactics.

Educating employees and taking advantage of scam detection technologies can cut down on call center fraud by preparing team members to recognize and put a stop to fraudulent activities. For prevention to be successful, the entire company must work together to ensure employees understand and carry out established procedures. By utilizing all available tools, keeping detailed records and continually refining company policies, call centers can keep scammers at bay and support a secure environment for all sensitive customer data. 

Video Training

A call center employee fraud prevention video course is produced by Identity Management Institute to train organizations and their contact center employees prevent fraud due to increasing attacks against high target employees to steal money and information.

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