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Thank you for taking the Certified Access Management Specialist (CAMS) practice exam.

Professionals who have hands-on responsibility for managing access requests and ensuing that system access is appropriate within their organizations should consider the comprehensive CAMS training and certification to be recognized as an expert in the fastest growing segment of cyber security.

These 10 practice questions should give you an idea about the final online exam which includes 100 similar multiple choice questions. Your test score and the correct answers to these questions will be e-mailed to you shortly after you submit the practice test.

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1. What is an endpoint?
2. The process allowing authenticated users to access specific information is called what?
3. What is one major reason why companies should conduct access audits?
4. What are the consequences for companies failing to comply with security regulations?
5. How is authentication best defined?
6. What do the rows and columns in an access control matrix represent?
7. Why is security information and event management (SIEM) essential for data security?
8. What are the three pillars of the CIA triad?
9. What type of access control is currently most popular for businesses?
10. On what three principles should access control be based?

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