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Thank you for taking the Certified in Data Protection (CDP) practice exam.

Anyone concerned with the protection of personal or business data who would like to receive a comprehensive training which addresses all data protection risks and be recognized as a global information security expert must consider earning the registered CDP designation.

These 10 practice questions should give you an idea about the format and content of the final online exam which includes similar multiple choice questions. Your test score and the correct answers to these questions will appear in the next page and be e-mailed to you shortly after you submit the practice test.

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1. Which of the following is necessary for a successful data protection governance?
2. A timely review of system access records is an example of which type of basic security function?
3. What do you do if you're not sure whether posting to a social media site is appropriate?
4. What is authentication?
5. What are the 3 general data protection objectives?
6. Which of the following is the best password?
7. Which of the following is the best tool to determine data protection priorities?
8. Which of the following should be developed first?
9. Which of the following can best prevent data deletion by terminated employees?
10. Certified in Data Protection experts are concerned with:

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