Certified in Data Protection (CDP)®


Certified in Data Protection® (CDP) is a comprehensive global training and certification program which leverages international security standards and privacy laws to teach candidates about best data protection practices during the entire data lifecycle whether data is at rest, in transit, or being processed.

Data protection professionals are increasingly required to be experts in privacy regulations as well as technical and administrative security controls. Data privacy and security are interdependent and the CDP® program offers one of the best consolidated training programs that teaches candidates about privacy and security concepts.

Watch this video to learn more about the Certified in Data Protection® (CDP) program:

apply-now Certification Process

Interested candidates must be members of Identity Management Institute, apply to receive the CDP study guide, and pass the online examination to become certified. The CDP application fee is $395 which includes the study guide (60 pages) and exam. Candidates who are not members of IMI may submit the membership application and CDP application at the same time.

CDP Exam

The final examination consists of 100 multiple-choice questions and candidates must answer at least 70 questions correctly to pass and become certified. Registered candidates can schedule the exam for up to 3 times at no additional charge which can be taken on any day and from anywhere on desktop computers or mobile devices with Internet access. Please take the practice test to see what you can expect from the CDP training program and its final examination.

online-videoCDP Training

All exam candidates receive a study guide to prepare for the exam. A short video course about data protection is also available to teach CDP candidates as well as those who are contemplating to become certified about the core topics of the CDP program.

CDP Overview

The Certified in Data Protection® designation is a registered certification of Identity Management Institute which addresses data protection risks with a focus on global privacy as well as security concepts and standards.

CDP® was created because we believe that data security and privacy are interconnected and related risks may reside inside or outside of the information systems, yet, other information security certifications are focused on specific aspects of data protection and offer limited value. For example, some information security certifications focus on system security risks, or just address privacy of consumer information, or focus on the management aspect of information protection. Although specialized certifications offer in depth value within the scope of their programs, a comprehensive data protection training and certification program such as CDP is required and necessary for professionals who increasingly deal with many interconnected and global information security and privacy compliance risks.

Also, many of the global data security standards and privacy laws overlap to some extent which are addressed cohesively in the comprehensive CDP data protection training program to educate candidates on how to address risks and compliance requirements efficiently. We believe that once CDP candidates understand the data protection risks as well as the risk management processes, they can then leverage the industry best practices and standards to design their data protection strategies and incident management plans to manage risks and meet the regulatory requirements.


International regulations such as the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) increasingly require data protection professionals to have a comprehensive understanding of not only privacy requirements but also information security controls which further confirms the usefulness of the CDP curriculum as a comprehensive data protection training and certification program.

Limited time offer: Receive the CDP overview video and a comprehensive GDPR video course for free when you register to become a CDP.

Who Should Become a CDP

Anyone concerned with the protection of personal or business data who would like to receive a comprehensive training which addresses privacy and data security risks in a single curriculum, and, be recognized as an expert in the data protection industry must consider CDP as a recognized information security certification.

CDP Benefits

Data protection is a growing international risk and career field. By achieving the CDP status, you will demonstrate your capability in the field of information security and industry involvement with the IMI membership.

Critical Risk Domains

Identity Management Institute is the independent international organization which developed and administers the CDP designation and uses Critical Risk Domains (CRDs) to maintain the CDP training program and certify professionals worldwide.The following CRDs are based on international standards which form the basis for managing the CDP program:

  1. Governance and Management
  2. Risk Assessment
  3. Access Controls
  4. System Security
  5. Vendor Risks
  6. Incident Management
  7. Operations Security
  8. Privacy & Compliance
  9. Data Management
  10. Business Continuity

Download the CDP program overview document for more details.

Application Cost

The CDP application cost is $395 which includes the study guide and online examination.


Payment Processing

IMI uses PayPal and other third party credit card processors to request and receive international credit card payments after applications are received. Alternatively, candidates may mail a cashier’s or company check.

Certificate Maintenance

Certified professionals must earn continuing education, adhere to the IMI code of ethics, and be active members.