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Identity Management Certification Overview

Identity management certification is the fastest growing segment of information security certifications which is shaping the cybersecurity profession. Identity and access management is an expanding and evolving career field which is also a top priority for many organizations as they attempt to secure their networks, systems, and data from an increasing number of threats and attacks while they manage employee, customer, and third party identities and their access.

identity management certification

Increased connectivity between systems and devices, user needs to access systems seamlessly from anywhere, expanding regulations, evolving identity theft risks, high impact data breach incidents, and, stolen user credentials which appear to be the primary cause of cyber attacks are among some of the reasons why companies welcome identity and access management experts to implement programs, processes, and technology to mitigate these and other evolving risks in order to protect their organizations and consumers.

Why Identity Management Certification

Identity management certification is an important part of any professional who provides services to an organization or members of the society. A professional certification provides the required credibility, knowledge and confidence to offer the best possible services and win the trust of those who rely on certified experts for guidance and solutions. Read an article about identity and access management certifications.

Certification in a competitive market also offers professionals an advantage over those who lack certification in the hiring process. Read this article to learn about IAM market growth and opportunities.

Identity Management Certification and Career Path

Cyber threats are on the rise and there are many reasons why identity and access management skills are gaining visibility. Individuals interested in the field of cybersecurity can download the eBook “Becoming a Cybersecurity Expert” to learn about the cybersecurity career field and the importance of identity and access management to the information security industry as well as their options for a career launch, transition, and advancement.

Identity Management Institute® is a leading international organization which offers registered identity and access management training and certifications to global professionals in the information security field. IMI manages its certification programs through education, testing, and evaluation of knowledge, skills and abilities of its members for the purpose of certification and re-certification.

The image below illustrates various information security career paths and certifications that IMI members can pursue depending on their interest. Subsequent sections below provide details about each certification path.

Identity Management Certification Path

Identity Management Certification List

The sections below offer summary descriptions for each certification program and links to certification pages for additional details.

CIAM certification

Certified Identity and Access Manager (CIAM)®

Identity and Access Management (IAM) is the most important discipline of the information security field which manages user identities and their access to enterprise resources.

The Certified Identity and Access Manager® (CIAM) designation is for professionals who develop and maintain programs to effectively manage identity risks and user access to enterprise systems and data by proposing efficient processes, deploying tools, and engaging users. The overall objective of CIAM® professionals is to justify identity and access management investments, close compliance or control gaps, and identify process improvement areas.

Learn more about CIAM.

Certified Access Management Specialist (CAMS)®

Hands-on professionals who manage access to critical information systems can greatly benefit by earning the Certified Access Management Specialist® (CAMS) designation. CAMS are capable of designing and/or administering access management policies and procedures which involve processing access requests, documenting approvals, granting access, and de-provisioning access. CAMS are also responsible for periodic access reviews, certification, and account reconciliation.

Learn more about CAMS.

CIGE - black (1)

Certified Identity Governance Expert (CIGE)®

Designed for thought leaders who understand the evolving identity management risks, the Certified Identity Governance Expert® (CIGE) program recognizes the skills of industry leaders who can not only interpret and implement existing frameworks, but they can also propose new identity governance policies and standards. These thought leaders are often sought-after speakers in international forums and hold executive position in leading organizations.

Learn more about CIGE.


Certified Identity Management Professional (CIMP)®

The Certified Identity Management Professional® (CIMP) program is designed for professionals who are directly engaged in identity management projects with hands-on support, project management responsibilities, or consulting capabilities to propose, design, and implement identity and access management solutions. CIMP professionals are usually key members and/or managers of identity management projects who manage project tasks and facilitate the communication of project details between non-technical and technical stakeholders and leverage the strategic and governance skills of Certified Identity and Access Manager (CIAM) professionals as well as the highly technical skills of Certified Identity and Security Technologist (CIST) professionals to accomplish their goals.

Learn more about CIMP.

Certified Identity and Security Technologist (CIST)®

The Certified Identity and Security Technologist® (CIST) designation is designed for technical leaders who develop, assess, select, implement, and manage identity management and security systems. CIST professionals are highly technical experts who are familiar with the available technologies in the industry and understand the needs of their organizations. CIST® professionals are also highly sought technical experts who are engaged in the development of new Identity and Access Management and security products and improvement of existing ones.

Learn more about CIST.

Identity Theft and Data Protection


Certified Identity Protection Advisor (CIPA)®

The Certified Identity Protection Advisor® (CIPA) program is designed for identity theft management professionals who educate, guide, and support businesses and consumers to prevent, detect, and resolve identity theft. The CIPA program offers a unique framework, principles, and guidelines for managing identity theft risks including identity theft prevention, detection, investigation, and recovery. CIPAs are basically certified identity theft advisors who provide their services to any customer who needs help with identity theft risk management.

Learn more about CIPA.


Certified Red Flag Specialist (CRFS)®

The Certified Red Flag Specialist® (CRFS) designation is a leading workplace identity fraud prevention training and certification program which was named after and designed in close alignment with the United States Red Flags Rule which has comprehensive requirements for workplace identity theft detection and fraud prevention. CRFS is a registered program which educates candidates on how to minimize identity fraud which is committed with stolen personal information.

Learn more about CRFS.

Certified in Data Protection (CDP)®

Certified in Data Protection® (CDP) leverages global security standards and privacy requirements to teach candidates on how to develop and manage comprehensive system security and data protection programs to safeguard systems and data based on business risks and achieve the desired objectives of data integrity, availability, and confidentiality. CDP is a comprehensive information security program that will benefit all interested candidates including college students and new graduates who want to learn about information security and demonstrate their qualifications.

Learn more about CDP.

Certification at a Glance

Exam Waiver
Certification Fee
Page Link
$295 (study guide & exam)
Visit CIPA
$295 (study guide & exam)
Visit CIAM
$295 (study guide & exam)
Visit CRFS
$295 (exam waiver)
Visit CIMP
$195 (study guide & exam)
Visit CAMS
$295 (exam waiver)
Visit CIST
$395 (exam waiver)
Visit CIGE
$395 (study guide & exam)
Visit CDP

Additional Information

  • Grandfathering for eligible certifications is only available to qualified candidates.
  • Certification candidates must be members of Identity Management Institute. New members can apply for certification and membership simultaneously.
  • Group discount is available for membership and certification. Visit the membership page for details.
  • Certification fee includes exam and study guide when exam is available.
  • Continuing education requirement is 60 hours every 3 years. Download the CPE document.
  • All certifications are registered trademarks of Identity Management Institute.
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