Certified Identity Governance Expert (CIGE)®

CIGE - black (1)Governance Overview

Conceptually, governance can be defined as the rule of the rulers. In the business world, governance is the process by which authority is conferred on management, by which they make the rules, and, those rules are enforced and modified.  Thus, understanding governance requires an identification of both the rulers and the rules, as well as the various processes by which they are selected, defined, and linked together within an organization.

Good governance is in general participatory, transparent and accountable. It is also effective and equitable and promotes the rule of law. Good governance ensures that priorities are based on broad consensus within the enterprise to meet the needs of all parties including consumers, customers, regulators, shareholders, and auditors fairly, effectively, and efficiently.

Identity Governance Overview

Identity governance is an organization’s overarching set of rules which proposes a management decision making process and accountability for achieving business goals while managing identity risks.

Identity Governance Framework

Identity governance framework refers to the organization’s proposed governance lifecycle designed to support the organization’s identity governance efforts including governing bodies and their responsibilities, rules, and processes for managing identity data and related risks.


Certification Process

Interested and qualified candidates may become a CIGE without an examination by applying for IMI membership and submitting a CIGE application for qualification assessment based on education, training and experience.

Governance Objectives

  1. Improve decision making to achieve business goals
  2. Streamline processes (automate, centralize, etc.)
  3. Standardize (efficiency, consistency, error reduction)
  4. Reduce cost
  5. Identify and mitigate risks
  6. Increase enterprise value
  7. Meet internal and external requirements
  8. Empower management and staff
  9. Ensure security, privacy, and compliance
  10. Maintain identity data integrity

About CIGE

The Certified Identity Governance Expert (CIGE)® professional designation is the first and leading registered governance certification designed to promote a lifecycle framework for the authority of the identity management field and related functions.

CIGE Benefits

CIGE professionals are capable of defining and effectively communicating why identity governance is critical for their organizations. They understand good governance benefits and can see the big picture as well as the evolving identity risk landscape. They are also capable of proposing and implementing an identity governance lifecycle framework which helps their organizations meet the established identity management objectives.

CIGE Critical Risk Domains

The following Critical Risk Domains (CRDs) define the specific knowledge areas and skills that CIGE professionals need to become certified:

  1. Governance
  2. Identity and Access Management Lifecycle
  3. Strategy, Roadmap, Framework, and Planning
  4. Roles, Responsibilities, and Accountability
  5. Program, Policies, and Procedures
  6. Risk Management and Internal Controls
  7. Funding, Resource Allocation, and ROI
  8. Independent Audits, Monitoring, and, Performance Measurement
  9. Compliance
  10. Technology

Download the CIGE overview document for CRD details.

Who should become a CIGE

Executives and corporate officers who set the rules for identity and access management within organizations where identity data is collected, maintained, processed, and shared can benefit by becoming a Certified Identity Governance Expert®. The CIGE designation is a registered program which demonstrate the knowledge and skills of the IMI members who hold the designation. It is awarded to experienced and educated professionals who set the rules at the highest levels of their organizations to guide and support management for addressing the growing societal and organizational concerns regarding identity data including  privacy, security, regulatory and contractual compliance, customer expectations, identification and authentication, as well as efficient IT and access management processes to name a few.

Certification Process

Currently, interested and qualified members may become a CIGE® without an examination if they meet the requirements set forth in the CIGE application.


Application Cost

The CIGE application fee is $395 for current IMI members. To become a member, please visit the membership page for more information.

Payment Processing

IMI uses PayPal and other third party credit card processors to request and receive international credit card payments after applications are received. Alternatively, candidates may mail a cashier’s or company check.

Certificate Maintenance

Certified professionals must earn continuing education, adhere to the IMI code of ethics, and be active members.