Certified Identity Management Professional® (CIMP) Application for Certification

Thank you for your interest in the Certified Identity Management Professional® (CIMP) designation. To be eligible for certification, candidates must be members of Identity Management Institute® (IMI), pay the required fees, and complete this application to 1) demonstrate 60 qualifying points based on education, experience and training, and, 2) submit a written risk statement. If you are not currently an IMI member, please also submit a membership application.

Requirements for Certification

To earn the CIMP designation, candidates must demonstrate at least two years of work experience and a total of 60 points. Each year of education or work experience, and any other related certification equals 10 points.

Critical Risk Domains (CRD)

The following are Critical Risk Domains (CRD) for the CIMP program:

  1. Threat Management
  2. Project Management
  3. Product Selection and Implementation
  4. Software Security
  5. Cloud Security
  6. IAM Architecture, Protocols and Standards
  7. IoT and API Security
  8. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  9. Compliance Assurance
  10. Emerging Trends


Upon receipt and pre-approval of your application (s), you will receive an online payment voucher for the appropriate membership and/or certification amount. This process is introduced to pre-approve applications prior to payment requests and avoid collection of credit card numbers on the application. Upon receipt of your payment, your certificate will be mailed.

If you prefer to pay by check, are part of a paid group, or have additional questions, please visit the contact page for our mailing address or to contact us.

    Candidate Information

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    Email must be the same as the one listed on the membership application.
    Note: If you are not an IMI member, please also submit a membership application.
    Certification Purpose: Please describe why you intend to become a Certified Identity Management Professional (CIMP). How can the CIMP designation improve your career and your contributions to the industry?*

    Pre-Qualification Points

    College or University:
    Degree Earned:
    Year of Graduation:
    Years of Post-High School Education (10 points per year)
    If you need to enter additional education information to receive point credits, you may submit the information in the section below:
    Work Experience
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    Years of experience (10 points per year)
    Critical Risk Domains (CRD) experience by percentage (i.e., project management 10%, etc.):
    Employer Address:
    Zip Code:
    Supervisor Name:
    Supervisor Title:
    Supervisor Contact:
    If you need to enter additional employment information to receive point credits, you may submit the information in the section below:
    Professional Certification (ie, CIST, CIAM)
    Certification (10 points):
    Year Certified:
    Certificate Number:
    Currently Active?
    Certification (10 points):
    Year Certified:
    Certificate Number:
    Currently Active?
    If you need to enter additional certification information to receive point credits, you may submit the information in the section below:
    Please enter your total Education, Experience and Certification Points (must be at least 60 points) =

    Risk Statement

    This section is used to assess a candidate’s skills and knowledge as defined in the CIMP Critical Risk Domains. Your written statement must be original content, reflect your own thoughts and experiences, directly and specifically address the two (2) questions below, be free of major errors, and, be well organized to allow an assessor or reader to understand the stated risk and proposed solution. The total risk and solution statement must not exceed 350 words. Please avoid including business confidential information in your statement.*

    1. Describe a current or future identity management risk or challenge.
    2. Describe your proposed solution for managing the stated risk or challenge.


    I certify that all information herein is true and complete to the best of my knowledge and belief. I authorize verification of this information and release all concerned from any liability in connection therewith. I hereby apply for the Certified Identity Management Professional (CIMP) designation and affirm that I have read and understand the qualifications for certification and membership. I attest that the written statement section of this application is original content, has been completed by me and reflects my own professional experience and opinion. I agree to abide by the IMI’s rules, regulations, code of ethics and to promote the Institute’s objectives and purpose.

    I understand that providing false information in the IMI applications are sufficient grounds for denial of membership, denial of certification or expulsion from the Identity Management Institute®, when false or misleading information is discovered.

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