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Thank you for taking the Certified Identity Protection Advisor® - CIPA practice exam. This leading international identity theft management training and certification course is a registered program and was specifically designed to train and certify professionals who educate, guide, and support consumers as well as organizations to prevent, detect and resolve identity theft.

Professionals seeking the CIPA® designation typically help manage identity theft risks in their job functions or through their services and products. Such individuals include employees of government agencies, consumer credit and information bureaus, as well as employees of financial services, insurance, health care, banking, social media, identity protection, and other companies where the risk of identity theft exists. In addition, customer facing professionals such as personal assistants, attorneys, office organizers, tax preparers and accountants who collect or manage the personal information of their customers may also benefit from this identity theft management training and certification program by providing additional value to their clients and gaining their trust.

These 10 practice questions should give you a flavor for the real online exam which includes 100 similar multiple choice questions. Your test score and the correct answers to these questions will be e-mailed to you shortly after you submit the practice test.

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1. What is the main objective of fraud alerts?
2. Which purchases most justify the use of credit cards?
3. Is it best to use the same password for all online accounts?
4. Which of the following is fraud element?
5. What is the main objective of account related information reviews?
6. What is an indication of identity theft?
7. Passwords should be:
8. What is pretexting?
9. What is a potential sign of unauthorized address change?
10. Zero balance statements do not require review.

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