Continuing Education

Qualifying Continuing Professional Education (CPE) required for maintaining IMI certifications include the following activities as they relate to Critical Risk Domains (CRD) outlined for your specific designation. Each hour of education related activity in the following categories is considered one hour of CPE. You need a total of 60 hours of CPE for previous 3 calendar years.

CPE Categories

  1. Publishing articles and books (350 words are considered two hours of CPE)
  2. Reading books and Articles
  3. Attending seminars and conferences
  4. Being an active participant of a professional association Board
  5. Attending professional organization chapter meetings
  6. Listening to vendor presentations
  7. Researching related vendors and topics
  8. Completing relevant university or college courses
  9. Creating training materials
  10. Providing training and speaking in conferences
  11. Completing internal company training sessions

Members are required to maintain their own education records for random verifications. However, if you prefer to submit your CPE hours, please complete and submit the form below.

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