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Thank you for taking the Certified Red Flag Specialist® (CRFS) practice exam. This leading workplace identity theft management training and certification course is a registered program and was specifically designed to train and certify professionals who participate in the workplace identity theft prevention planning, practices, and management. The CRFS program is developed based on US government approved techniques as outlined in the Red Flags Rule and rigorous examination by Identity Management Institute® (IMI).

Many individuals are well positioned to help organizations detect and prevent identity fraud and must consider earning the Certified Red Flag Specialist® designation. Such professionals include employees, auditors, consultants, and examiners of organizations facing identity theft risks. Specifically, operations staff, compliance officers, fraud management experts, and risk managers can help their organizations reduce identity theft risks by learning about customer identification and authentication, transaction authorization, and account or trend monitoring processes to detect and prevent identity theft. CRFS professionals are recognized workplace identity theft and fraud prevention experts.

These 10 practice questions should give you a flavor for the real online exam which includes 100 similar multiple choice questions. Your test score and the correct answers to these questions will be e-mailed to you shortly after you submit the practice test.

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Identity fraud prevention policies and procedures should only address new account fraud risks.

1 out of 10

Which of the following is NOT related to identity theft red flags.

2 out of 10

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An Identity Theft Prevention Program must be approved annually.

4 out of 10

Which of the following does NOT fall within one of the 5 red flag categories that companies must plan for?

5 out of 10

6 out of 10

Service providers who may pose identity theft risks for your company must:

7 out of 10

Who from this list is the best person to approve the Identity Theft Prevention Program?

8 out of 10

Should the Identity Theft Prevention Program be revised monthly?

9 out of 10

Which one of the following is an identity theft red flag?

10 out of 10

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