Featured Identity and Access Management Articles

Below is a list of featured identity and access management articles which highlight the emerging issues and solutions, and make it easier for our visitors to access valuable information.

Biometric Authentication Challenges

The security industry recognizes that most system hacks occur due to poor password management as many people use weak passwords or the same password to access multiple accounts. That said, the security industry is offering other solutions like biometric authentication to improve security, but will they?

Employee Offboarding: 6 Essentials to Keep Your System Safe

Companies failing to follow proper employee offboarding measures are at risk for data loss, cyberattacks and other malicious activities. Regardless of the reason for an employee’s exit, offboarding is an essential part of the transition process. Protect your system and all sensitive data with these six critical identity management procedures.

The Role of Identity Management in Data Governance

Because data governance is mainly about data and access management, the identity and access management team ensures accountability through the implementation and documentation of certain security protocols. Learn about data governance.

In the Ever-Changing IoT Landscape, Things Now Have Identities

With the number of connected IoT devices set to reach 75 billion by 2025, having a strong identity and access management (IAM) policy is more important than ever to deal with identity of things (IDoT) and internet of identities (IoI).

6 Best Practices for Managing the Identity Lifecycle

With constant changes in technology and the dynamic nature of employees’ access needs in the modern workplace, it’s essential to follow these Identity and Access Management best practices throughout the employee lifecycle.

Privileged Account Management (PAM)

As the number of systems, users, and data grows, the need for a robust identity and access management solutions and experts becomes even more important to manage accounts and their access. Specifically, privileged accounts which offer the highest level of access to a system are prime hacking targets.

Identity and Access Management Protocols

Identity and Access Management (IAM) protocols are designed specifically for the transfer of authentication information and consist of a series of messages in a preset sequence designed to protect data as it travels through networks or between servers.

Credit Report Review Guide

Careful monitoring of credit reports can alert consumers to fraudulent activities or inaccuracies in records potentially indicating identity theft. The review and error correction process can also help improve the credit score.

Self Driving Car Security

The self driving car security has clearly become a priority for car manufacturers, car owners, lawmakers and regulators as tech giants from Apple to Google to Tesla throw their considerable weight behind fully autonomous vehicles which are expected to hit the market very soon.

Internet of Things Security

As the number of connected devices in homes, offices, public institutions and industrial frameworks increases, so does the need for better Internet of Things security. Each new IoT device and network introduces more points of vulnerability, and it’s time for cybersecurity experts to update their skills to meet and counter the latest threats.

Access Certification

Access certification is the validation of access rights within systems which is a mandatory process for compliance and security risk management. Access certification can be a very daunting process for some organizations with dispersed systems, workforce, and partners. This article discusses the certification process and solutions.

Distributed Information Security Management Model (DISMM)

Information security is the responsibility of everyone in any organization. Distributed Information Security Management Model or DISMM ensures security accountability across the enterprise.

Identity Theft Certifications Explained

Identity theft certifications issued by Identity Management Institute offer professional credibility, knowledge, employment opportunity, and career advancement. Learn about their scope and differences.

Identity Theft Prevention Program Certification

Identity Management Institute offers an Identity Theft Prevention Program certification service as part of its global and independent solutions.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

This article serves as a high level overview of the GDPR and its key requirements that companies will need to comply with and ensure their proper implementation to meet their compliance obligations.

Self Service Identity and Access Management

Self service identity and access management is increasingly embraced by users and companies and it is a matter of time before it’s widely adopted due to the many benefits it offers.

Identity and Access Management Vendor List

The Identity and Access Management vendor list includes strong contenders in the IAM technology and software space.

Identity and Access Management Solutions Providers

Identity and Access Management solutions providers offer various IAM solutions to help businesses manage user identities and their access to systems securely. This page lists all major identity and access management companies in the technology space.

Identity and Access Management Certifications

The fastest growing professional certifications in cyber security are the Identity and Access Management certifications which have received industry attention. Learn more about IAM certifications.

The Principle of Least Privilege

When someone’s access is beyond that person’s required access to perform their job duties, then that access is considered to be beyond the principle of least privilege.

AAA Identity and Access Management Model

The AAA identity and access management model is a framework which is embedded into the digital identity and access management world to manage access to assets and maintain system security.

The Future of Identity and Access Management

The future of identity and access management will include technological innovation to address the security and interoperability of increasing connected devices.

Identity and Access Management Market Analysis

This identity and access management market analysis highlights the fast growth of the IAM market and drivers which fuel demand for identity and access management solutions.

Employee Password Risks and Password Alternatives

According to a few research studies, stolen employee access password is by far the leading cause of system hacking cases and data breach incidents.

Why Identity and Access Management Matters

There are five main reasons why identity and access management matters most in cyber security and data protection.

The Future of Cybersecurity

The future of cybersecurity is as clear as it is obscure. This article discusses factors affecting cybersecurity such as threats, expanding risks, and shortages in cybersecurity talents.

Global Cybersecurity Expert Shortages

It is estimated that the global cybersecurity expert shortages will be around 1.5 million by 2020. Learn about how to become a cybersecurity expert and fill the gap in a growing job market.

New Cybersecurity Challenges

Due to the global Internet connectivity of many devices and networks, the computer security risk landscape has expanded and includes many new cybersecurity challenges.

Identity of Things (IDoT)

As we embrace the Internet of Things (IoT) which refers to all smart and Internet enabled devices, we have to collaborate to address the growing the risks of Identity of Things (IDoT).

Identity and Access Management Objectives

The high level identity and access management objectives include cyber security, access management, fraud prevention, and compliance.

Employee Error Causes Most Data Breaches

Employee error to unwittingly give away system access information to hackers facilitate data breaches in over 90% of cyber attacks according to leading industry and government reports.