IAM Product Reviews

Identity Management Institute is excited to offer IAM product reviews for its members and the IAM product users. Our identity and access management product reviews describe the product and its features to offer an independent review and feedback to product review readers.

IAM product reviews by Identity Management Institute

IAM Product Review Process

IMI uses a simple product review process to gather information about the product under review

  • IMI typically selects a product for review independently or based on a product owner request.
  • Our professional writers review all available information sources about the product including white papers, website, brochures, and even interviews with product owners to organize and write the review.
  • Upon completing the first draft, product owner reviews the content of the IAM product review to accept or suggest changes.
  • The product review is finalized and posted to the IMI website.

IAM Product Review vs. IAM Product Certification

The main difference between an IAM product review and certification is that a product review is produced based on third-party information only while an IAM product certification goes one step further to validate the assertions made by the product owners about product features and benefits. A product certification is more time consuming and offers the product owner the opportunity to remediate any potential gaps discovered during the product certification process before the product is certified. These gaps may be deviations between product features, product owner assertions, and industry best practices.

Product Review Benefits

Identity and access management product reviews offer many benefits including education and awareness about a product features and its value proposition including the following:

  • Product reviews are important for product branding and marketing. They help build credibility, trust and loyalty.
  • Product reviews educate product users by describing the product features and how they are different from other similar products. A product review helps users decide whether to purchase a product.
  • Product owners expose their products to thousands of IMI’s global members and followers.
  • Improve SEO with links from a reputable website to the product page.

Product Review Disclaimer

Our product reviews are for information purposes only and do not constitute product endorsement by Identity Management Institute. These product reviews may not be complete or accurate as the reviews:

  • are completed based on publicly available information as well as possible interviews and documentation obtained from product owners.
  • do not include validation and assessments which are typically part of a product certification.
  • and, do not reflect any changes made to the product after the review date.

Product Review List

The following products have been reviewed for information purposes only:

LastPass Password Generator and Manager

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