Identity Management Career

Identity management career

Identity management career is an evolving, multidimensional and complex field which is distributed across organizations and comprised of various titles and positions requiring specialization and coordination of professionals in many parts of the organization to properly manage all identity risks.

Because of the rising identity risks, expanding regulations and associated costs, identity management within many organizations remains a top priority for most executives according to past and recent statistics; however, an identity management career is not limited to technical professionals as technology alone can not solve all identity and access management challenges.

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Globalization of commerce, the Internet and outsourcing of services continue to increase the supply and demand of personal information thus exposing businesses and consumers to additional risks with devastating consequences including identity theft and related fraud. In addition, the continued introduction of new and overlapping laws in the areas of identity security, privacy, monitoring, and fraud prevention, as well as the lack of adequate risk awareness and education on the part of consumers, employees and businesses have introduced new identity management challenges as well as identity management career and business opportunities.

Identity theft prevention and fraud detection are some of the major identity management challenges affecting millions of customers and costing billions of dollars in fraud management expenses. The increase in identity theft cases have led to increased regulations which requires many companies to develop and implement effective identity theft prevention programs.

Any business which manages internal or external identities for identification and authorization purposes must employ knowledgeable professionals with general or specific identity risk management skills to design and implement programs, tools and processes for properly managing business and customer information. Most recently, new identity management careers are introduced in the areas of identity theft prevention and regulatory compliance within organizations where the risk of identity theft is heightened due to their business nature. Increasingly, new and consolidated skill sets are required to combat identity theft and fraud, maintain privacy, and ensure compliance.

Whether you are a business manager tasked with certain identity management responsibilities, a professional helping consumers protect themselves against identity theft, or looking to expand your career into a specialized area such as identity management technology and compliance, you can join Identity Management Institute® (IMI) and become certified in your area of interest to gain the edge that you need to effectively compete in the marketplace and help others.

Identity Management Career and Jobs

Identity and Access Management (IAM) is a fast growing career field that offers many types of IAM jobs to interested and qualified candidates who love to solve some of today’s evolving information security risks. Many entities such as users, programs, and devices have a need to connect and interact with other entities in a world in which automation and connectivity have become a necessity. IAM experts are increasingly needed to ensure entities are connected to one another and are capable of performing authorized tasks. Click here to read more about identity and access management career and jobs.

Identity management job openings

Identity Management Job Opening

From time to time, Identity Management Institute receives special requests to help fill critical job openings. Below is the latest IAM job opening. Click the link for details.

Manger, Identity and Access Management (JEA) – Jacksonville, Florida, USA

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