Identity Management Courses

Identity Management Institute offers online, onsite, and self-study identity management courses to support the needs of the community and its members. We are excited that you are considering one of our identity management training courses.

There are many risk areas around identity and access management which require special attention such as identity theft, compliance, system access, privacy and data protection which are affecting many businesses and millions of people each year costing them collectively billions of dollars in damages.

Whether you are looking for a training course for yourself or your employees, and depending on your training objective, you will find a growing number of identity risk management courses to help you achieve your goals. These course materials are created by some of the leading experts in the field. You may start by visiting our certification page to learn about our registered programs or our training page for additional details.

e-learning2Identity Management Courses

When we decided to assess and meet the needs of our website visitors and members, we immediately understood that many needed short and informative videos to meet compliance needs. We also determined that our video courses must be:

  • Affordable,
  • Concise, up to date, and to the point,
  • Complete and effective,
  • Accessible from anywhere, and
  • Produced by experts.

With the above objective in mind, certified members of Identity Management Institute are helping to create the best identity management courses for the community.

As we develop new courses, they will be listed in our online training portal. If you have a suggestion for a new training course, or, if you need customization and instructor led training, please contact us.

We hope that you will benefit from these identity management courses to achieve your personal and business goals.Please click below to access and preview the available videos and contact us for group discount and registration.