Identity Management Service Provider Membership

Service Provider Membershipimi-service-provider

Identity Management Institute (IMI) offers various group membership levels to identity management service providers that want to share the value of their products or services with interested parties. Whether your company is an identity management product or service provider, you will greatly benefit by partnering with us to train your employees and market your products or services to potential clients.

Service provider membership has many values and will distinguish your identity management company in a crowded market by demonstrating your commitment to your employees, customers, and the identity management industry. IMI’s service providers are industry leaders that are committed to risk management, best practices, and quality customer service through employee education and training. Membership in IMI will increase your exposure and credibility, and demonstrate your company’s commitment to employee growth, customer service, and industry leadership.

Why Partner with IMI

Service provider membership provides extensive opportunities for market exposure, recognition, personal growth, and business development through unique and exceptional resources including training, certification, website listing, referrals, and much more.

IMI’s global members have vested interest in identity management content and solutions. Our LinkedIn groups, blog, registered certifications, and growing list of certified members  have made us the industry leader in identity management  education, training and certification and we want to share this opportunity with identity management companies in the industry that are employee and customer centric and want to display the value of their products and services which solve today’s identity management challenges.

win-winA partnership with IMI can help your company:

  1. increase your employees’ identity management skills,
  2. raise the general awareness of your industry leadership, and
  3. market your products.

Service Provider Membership Benefit Description

  • Employee membership – Your employees will be registered as members and receive membership benefits.
  • Employee certification – Your employees can select and pursue one certification and/or training of their choice each year from available options to stay up to date.
  • Website listing – IMI website visitors will see your commitment level as your company logo will be listed on the IMI website.
  • Direct link access – Your company logo will be linked to your preferred landing page on your website so that interested visitors can directly access your website. This is a great benefit for website traffic and quick access to your solutions.
  • Service description – Your logo will be accompanied by a short description of your services and products.
  • Service provider seal – By displaying IMI’s service provider seal on your website, you will demonstrate that your company is a member of IMI and committed to industry standards and best practices through employee training.
  • Discounts – Receive discount for training and certification of additional employees.
  • Business referral – Receive business referrals from IMI for your services and products when we have leads.
  • Announcement – We will announce your company’s inclusion in our list of members along with a brief description of your products and services. (only applies to the Platinum level)

Service Provider Membership Benefit Details

Annual Fee$4,000$7,000$13,000$20,000
Website ListingYesYesYesYes
Member SealYesYesYesYes
Employee CertificationYesYesYesYes
Page LinkNoYesYesYes
Service DescriptionNoNoYesYes
Service Discount10%12%15%20%
Business ReferralNoNoYesYes
Employee Limits5102030

Contact us for any questions about your employee training and certification needs as well as exclusive product marketing offers. Visit our contact page to send us your inquiry.