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challengesIdentity and access management is increasingly identified as the single most important component of enterprise information security which impacts many business functions and programs from on-boarding and off-boarding individuals to data access management and privacy as well as customer identification and tracking for regulatory compliance while ensuring confidentiality, integrity, and availability. In fact, many companies have established an identity governance and compliance committee under executive management and Boards in order to raise the enterprise identity management visibility and give the utmost attention that is necessary to reduce identity risks which can have devastating consequences for companies if they are not properly managed including brand damage, loss of customers, reduced revenues and profits, non-compliance fines and penalties, and imprisonment.


Identity management challenges are many and continue to grow worldwide around regulatory compliance, privacy and data protection, cyber security and intrusion prevention, access management, automation, data breach incidents, lawsuits, training, audit response, and finding qualified managers and staff.

With the increasing adoption of software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications, mobile communication, Internet of Things (IoT), and cloud computing, as well as expanding privacy regulations, and hard to find skills to solve today’s challenges, companies must plan ahead for risk identification and mitigation to prevent, detect and respond to material events which can compromise the safety and security of their enterprise. Identity Management Institute certified members can help organizations identify and mitigate identity and access management risks with our one-stop solution proposal listed below.

solutionsIdentity Management Solutions

Identity Management Institute was launched in 2008 to serve the industry with registered training and certifications and since then we have grown enormously in terms of our understanding of the challenges and needs of the industry in which we operate, clarity about our objectives and capabilities, increased number of registered and recognized services, and growing number of professional members and companies that trust us. As we grow with our professional membership and engage in increasing number of projects, we continue to innovate the industry with new and improved services.

Our certified members are employees of global companies or independent service providers who have a variety of technical and risk management skills that can individually or collaboratively help organizations navigate identity and access management challenges. We understand that some challenges can not be solved by a single person, company, or system and there are many interconnected challenges that must be solved by a collection of resources, therefore, we have adopted a one-stop solution center to leverage our relationships with a growing number of partner companies and members to solve some of today’s critical challenges.

cisohub2Below is a list of identity and access management areas for which our partners and members can offer solutions to help you solve some of the most critical challenges:

  1. Executive and Board Consulting
    • Governance and Strategy
    • Interim and Permanent Professional Placement
  2. Management Support
  3. Audit and Certification
  4. Customized Research and Reports
  5. Data Breach and Litigation Support

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