Identity Theft Experts

Identity Management Institute (IMI) is a leading provider of identity theft experts who undergo extensive training and rigorous testing to become certified in identity theft protection and workplace identity fraud prevention.

IMI’s identity theft experts hold the Certified Identity Protection Advisor (CIPA) and Certified Red Flag Specialist (CRFS) designations and are highly sought after by global organizations for their professional services.

Speaking and Training

Identity theft is a rising crime which has attracted the attention of many businesses and governments due to its impact on millions of consumers and billions of fraud losses. Educating employees and consumers about identity theft and ways to minimize the risks is one of the reasons that our identity theft experts are engaged for their speaking and training services.

To reduce the occurrence of identity theft and shorten its detection and recovery time, we all have to work collectively. Therefore, to solve one of today’s biggest problems, we have to make as many people aware of the identity theft threats, risks, and solutions. This is a highly important task that our ID theft experts can undertake to help with onsite or online training that utilizes customized and up to date presentations.

Compliance and Fraud Prevention

Other times, our ID theft experts are engaged to review an organization’s information security controls and data protection practices to ensure the privacy and protection of personal information. Also, one of the major challenges for businesses is the detection and prevention of identity fraud in their day to day business operations. Regardless of how or where personal data is stolen, such data can be used to defraud businesses and identity theft victims. Therefore, certified identity theft experts are needed to educate employees and review identity theft prevention programs to minimize identity fraud losses and ensure compliance with the identity theft Red Flags Rule regulation. Our experts can review or develop compliance and fraud management programs which are efficient and meet the regulatory requirements.

Expert Witness

Attorneys also need certified ID theft experts to make their cases in courts. Often to prove their cases, law offices and their attorneys need expert witnesses to review documents, analyze identity theft cases, and present their opinions. Our experts are capable of supporting various arguments with evidential matter and explanation of facts with an effective communication that the targeted audience can understand.

Research Reports and White Papers

Finally, our identity theft experts help organizations with any research and writing needs to prepare for various projects. They can prepare independent research reports and white papers to identify trends and propose solutions. Such reports and papers can be used by sponsoring organizations to convey a message to their customers and business prospects regarding their products and services.

Please send us a quick note and one of our identity theft experts will contact you to discuss your needs and how we can help.