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Welcome to our identity theft speaker page where you can learn about the benefits of engaging an expert identity theft presenter. Identity Management Institute (IMI) is a leading organization which offers education, training, and certification in identity theft management. With access to many certified identity protection experts, IMI can identify the best identity theft speaker for your special event.

diet-bookConsumer Identity Theft

As you already know, identity theft is a widespread crime that affects millions of consumers and costs billions of dollars annually. The crime is committed with stolen personal information and documents for a variety of fraudulent reasons including credit card and financial account fraud, illegal immigration and employment, escape from law enforcement or entry into other countries, medical and insurance fraud, and government benefits fraud to just name a few.

Identity thieves attack soft targets to easily gain unauthorized access to various accounts and commit all kinds of fraud. Soft targets often include consumers who offer the most bang for the buck and pose less threat to identity theft criminals. A good identity theft awareness and education program is one of the best and most economical solutions to help consumers prevent identity theft or detect and resolve it as soon as possible to minimize the impact of identity theft. A certified identity theft speaker can teach consumers the proven techniques on how to detect and prevent identity theft or at least it make it more challenging for criminals to execute their schemes.

Employee Identity Theft

One of the hidden consequences of identity theft can be observed in hundreds of annual data breach cases that businesses experience which cost billions of dollars. Did you know that employee identity theft is the major root cause of most data breach incidents? That’s right. Over 90% of all corporate network intrusions in cyber attacks are executed with stolen information from employees who sometimes have highly privileged access to systems and data. Hackers often attack employees with phishing emails which direct them to click a dangerous link or attachment. The obedient actions taken by email recipients usually take them to fake websites which ask them to enter some sensitive information in a form or download a malware onto the computers for the sole purpose of stealing information.

Although, businesses spend millions to secure their system networks with highly sophisticated technologies, cyber intrusions and data breaches continue to rise because businesses ignore employee risks and fail to provide proper identity theft training. An expert identity theft speaker can solve this problem for organizations that are aware of the employees’ unwitting involvement in cyber attacks and take action to provide adequate identity theft training with a certified speaker. Based on the facts around cyber attacks, the most cost effective solution to counter cyber intrusion threats is an identity theft prevention training.

The Solution

With rising and sophisticated identity theft attacks targeting everyone with phishing attacks and computer malware, one of the most effective and efficient methods to mitigate the risks of identity theft is education and increased awareness of the risks as well as the knowledge of best identity theft protection practices. Companies and organizations are encouraged to engage an expert identity theft professional speaker who can create and present a customized identity theft presentation for their employees an customers to meet the organization’s objectives and audience needs. A speaker can help reduce identity theft risks and related fraud losses through a targeted identity theft protection training which educates about the identity theft crime and best solutions. A well designed training can also help the businesses reinforce their policies and procedures as well as comply with the regulatory requirements as various regulations are increasingly demanding identity theft awareness training for employees and customers.

Identity Theft Speaker Criteria

Some of the events for which organizations seek the help of professional identity theft presenters include company sponsored meetings, conferences, focused seminars, and awareness campaigns. An identity theft management expert is also often engaged as a keynote speaker, special session conference speaker, or special meeting and event presenter.

Identity Management Institute has global certified members who are very knowledgeable in a variety of identity risk management disciplines including identity theft, privacy, and compliance. Due to IMI’s global presence and membership, identity theft speakers can be engaged to execute speaking engagements in almost any language and for any topic.

Usually, a certified member who is interested in an identity risk management speaking engagement will consider the location, timing, topic, audience, and compensation to accept or reject a speaking opportunity. Given IMI’s reach to international identity theft protection professionals, an available, willing and capable speaker is often matched with a speaking opportunity.

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