Identity Theft Training

Providing identity theft training to employees serves multiple purposes including compliance and risk management. For example, the goal of an identity theft training for employees may be to comply with privacy or identity theft laws, or prevent identity theft, and, reduce fraud losses.

Providing targeted identity theft training to employees is a great way to teach them about the latest identity theft threats and related solutions. It is also necessary to ensure compliance with organizational policies and regulatory requirements in a consistent and effective manner.

Normally, organizations don’t think about identity theft protection training until they are forced by regulators or experience some kind of a high visibility incident.

Identity theft cases affect millions of people and costs businesses billions of dollars. The identity theft epidemic is so grave that governments must come up with regulations such as the Red Flags Rule to guide and force companies to take action and minimize the risks for themselves and their customers. Some laws are focused on identity theft victim notification regarding data breach cases and others are concerned with protecting the credit worthiness of consumers. However, one of the common denominators of privacy and identity theft laws is employee training and sometimes even customer training.

Identity Theft Training Courses

Depending on the identity theft training objective, a customized course can be developed to achieve the organization’s goal. For example, Identity Diet is a published identity theft book and training course which is designed to teach anyone concerned with identity theft and its consequences to themselves and their friends or families. Our identity theft courses teach about the risks of excessive data collection and sharing which is also called Identity Obesity, as well as 8 identity protection principles which are collectively referred to as Identity Diet. Examples of identity obesity include opening and owning excessive number of accounts and credit cards.

As mentioned, identity theft training has many benefits which are not limited to just compliance. An effective identity theft course can protect customers, reduce business risks, and improve profit margins.

Identity Theft Training Methods

Depending on available budgets and stated objectives of an identity theft training program, organizations can opt for instructor-led onsite training and live webinars, or, opt for an identity theft video course.

Obviously, an identity theft video course is the most economical option and is usually intended for a quick education and regulatory compliance.  On the other hand instructor-led training is interactive and usually intended for policy compliance.

Identity Management Institute can help you select the best training method for you and customize the content to meet your identity theft training needs more effectively.

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