Membership Renewal

Renewal Policy

renew-membershipMembership must be renewed annually by the expiration date to maintain certifications in active status. If membership is not renewed by the expiration date, a late processing fee of $50 plus annual dues must be paid to be reactivated for that year. To renew membership in the subsequent years and reactivate certifications, members must pay $100 plus annual dues for each year to become current and if members are not active for 3 straight years, they must reapply for membership and certification. Please refer to your membership and/or certification for your expiration date.

Annual Renewal Fee

Annual membership renewal dues are:

  • $35 for Associate or not-certified members,
  • $95 for certified members who hold a single certificate,
  • $150 for certified members who hold double certificates, and
  • $195 for certified members who hold three or more certificates.

Renew Membership and Certification

Membership Renewal Options

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