Product Certification

In the competitive Identity and Access Management (IAM) marketplace, vendors are encouraged to promote their solutions through product certification which includes a review and testing process by Identity Management Institute to validate that certified products meet certain standards and comply with stated design specifications or requirements. Customers always prefer verified information by a third party about products they plan to acquire and use.

Identity Management Institute offers two product certification options. Whether you are interested in the certification of an IAM product or the certification of a product’s IAM controls, you have come to the right place. This page lays out our product certification methodology.

Certification Scope

Within our product certification vertical, we offer two options: 1) certification of Identity and Access Management products offered by IAM vendorsand, 2) certification of IAM controls within consumer products such as in the expanding Internet of Things (IoT) market.

Certification Objective

Independent product certification is a great marketing and sales tool that Identity Management Institute offers. The objective of product certification is to confirm that products:

  • Meet the vendor’s specification claims, and
  • Address key global standards and best practices

IMI certification assures vendors, distributors, regulators, and customers that an independent organization has reviewed a product’s features and documentation to determine that the product is consistent with best practices and claims made by vendors.

Product Certification Process

From extensive IAM product performance and conformity analysis to the assessment of a product’s IAM controls based on various requirements and standards, we evaluate every aspect of a product under the specific certification path. IMI’s product certification is a step by step process which follows a defined framework.

The product certification process includes the following steps:

  1. High level review of the company and its products. This is the first required step before any in depth product analysis for improvement or certification is performed. This step can be completed just for marketing purposes without taking any additional steps for testing or certification. IMI will support the distribution of the final document for marketing purposes.
  2. Audit of the targeted product based on in depth technical review of product documentation and features. The audit report will include the list of identified gaps and recommendations.
  3. Validation of improvements if the vendor plans to seek product certification.
  4. Product certification

Type of Products

Below are the types of products that are great candidates for certification:

IAM Products – Businesses must choose and deploy IAM products from a vast number of available vendors in the areas of identity validation, identity repository management, biometric authentication, Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), Single Sign-On (SSO), as well as identity lifecycle and access management. Identity and Access Management products continue to be among the fastest growing and most competitive cybersecurity segments. IAM vendors are encouraged to seek product certification from IMI for a distinguished marketplace position.

Consumer Products – Many vendors are introducing consumer products which include IAM components and introduce very high security risks that need to be validated. For example, IoT vendors should consider an independent assessment of their products’ IAM controls as well as a product security training to teach consumers how to fully leverage the security features of their products.

Product Certification Benefits

IAM vendors, product manufacturers, and customers can benefit from a product certification in many ways including:

  1. Improve products
  2. Increase brand recognition
  3. Gain customer trust
  4. Increase product’s credibility
  5. Educate users about security features
  6. Obtain validation by an independent party
  7. Ensure stated product specs map to claims
  8. Comply with regulations
  9. Validate performance through testing
  10. Promote products through certification and ad claim agreements

Why Identity Management Institute

IMI is a global IAM certification organization which offers professional certificationsproduct training and certification, as well as program certificationIdentity Management Institute has been developing certification programs for the cybersecurity industry with a focus on Identity and Access Management for many years. The IMI certification mark provides proof that a product has been independently tested by a global certification body and meets the certification purpose.

If you’re looking for a partner to improve and certify your products, or help you  distinguish yourself from others, we can help.


Interested audit organization may register with IMI and become an approved certification body to audit and certify products. Accreditation ensures that registered certification bodies follow a pre-approved audit and certification approach designed by IMI. By joining IMI, registered audit organizations will gain the confidence of their clients and receive referrals by being listed on IMI website as registered auditors.

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