Red Flags Rule Training

Employee Red Flags Rule training is a government requirement for Red Flags Rule compliance to ensure employees are educated about the organization’s identity theft prevention program and identity theft prevention techniques in the workplace. Employee identity theft training is one of the key components of an effective identity theft prevention program and Red Flags Rule compliance.

Identity Management Institute is the leading organization which offers registered identity theft certifications with study guide, online exams, video courses, and identity theft prevention program design support for Red Flags Rule compliance and identity theft prevention in the workplace.

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The Red Flags Rule is a US government regulation which requires companies exposed to a high risk of identity theft and fraud to implement an identity theft prevention program that includes among other things employee training. Companies in the following categories are required to provide an identity theft prevention training to their employees:

  1. Banks,
  2. Mortgage brokers,
  3. Finance companies,
  4. Investment firms,
  5. Insurance companies,
  6. Healthcare providers,
  7. Automobile dealers,
  8. Utility companies, and
  9. Telecommunications companies.

In addition to the Red Flags Rule, the Federal Financial Institution Examination Council or FFIEC guidelines titled “Authentication in an Internet Banking Environment” also require the identification and detection of identity theft in the online banking environment. More specifically, the guidelines require layered security for improved authentication of online banking customers, improved communication with customers regarding security, risk assessments, and consumer education.

Training Delivery Options

Identity Management Institute offers a variety of identity theft and Red Flags Rule training options which take into consideration budget, space, and time constraints. Contact us to discuss our instructor-led and other training offerings.

Video Training

Online identity theft video course
Preview the Red Flags Rule video course.

Our video course is short, comprehensive, and affordable which allows employees to complete the course quickly and understand the identity theft prevention concepts. Click here to preview the course. For group purchase and discount, please contact us.

Live Training

Instructor-led training, whether online or onsite, is generally more effective that the self-study or video training options because it retains participant focus and allows them to ask questions.

If an organization prefers to provide staff training by leveraging in-house resources, IMI can provide the training materials and train the in-house trainer through the certification program described below.

Key Training Topics

  1. Identity Theft Awareness
  2. Identity Protection and Theft Prevention
  3. Identity Fraud Detection and Resolution
  4. Red Flags Rule Regulation and Compliance

Our training programs include an online test and certificate of completion to document participant understanding of key concepts after training.

Identity Theft Prevention Program

compliant - Copy

Identity Management Institute® (IMI) offers comprehensive Identity Theft Prevention Program (ITPP) services for organizations which might be in various stages of their Red Flags Rule compliance program implementation. Visit our Red Flags Rule Compliance page to learn more.

Professional Certification


Organizations are encouraged to consider the Certified Red Flag Specialist (CRFS) training and certification for their identity theft prevention and fraud detection employees to improve their knowledge and demonstrate their expertise in a growing risk area. Visit the CRFS page for details.

About Identity Management Institute

Identity Management Institute (IMI) is the leading international organization in identity theft protection and Red Flags Rule compliance training. IMI training programs educate global companies and their employees about identity theft protection, red flag identification, fraud detection, and crime prevention.

Contact us for your training needs and options.