Registered Training Partner

Identity Management Institute (IMI) provides leading professional certifications in identity and access management, identity theft, and data protection. In order to extend our reach and offer training services to global professionals, IMI has established a training partnership program to allow training organizations worldwide to partner with IMI and provide registered identity and access management training courses which may also lead to globally recognized certifications.

As a Registered Training Partner (RTP) of IMI, you will have access to tools, support and resources to train and certify global professionals in the fast-growing cybersecurity, identity management, and data protection fields.

The RTP program is based on the principles of active collaboration and knowledge sharing to efficiently train professionals worldwide in their respective career fields within identity and access management who are tasked with securing systems, complying with regulations, protecting data, and mitigating identity theft and related fraud risks.

The IMI certification courses offer individuals practical training on various topics of identity and access management including governance and strategy, technology, product development and implementation, identity lifecycle management, system access, identity theft management, and data protection.

Membership in the RTP program gives your organization and trainees access to unique content and highly recognized brand with registered trademarks.

As an RTP, your organization will not only become part of the IMI’s community, but will also become part of a carefully selected exclusive group of training organizations dedicated to managing digital identities and protecting systems and data from unauthorized access.

Benefits of being a Registered Training Partner:

  • Right to offer training courses based on IMI’s certification programs
  • Opportunity to become an exclusive training provider of IMI courses in a designated area
  • Use of the Registered Training Partner logo for promotional purposes
  • Promotion of your organization on the IMI website as a Registered Training Partner
  • Receive referrals based on location and as needed

Training Target Audience

Professionals who pursue the IMI certification programs typically hold positions in IT security, identity and access management, identity theft and fraud management, data protection, privacy, eDiscovery, and compliance.

About Identity Management Institute

Identity Management Institute® (IMI) is the first global training and certification organization dedicated to identity and access management. IMI was founded in 2007 to provide thought leadership and help redefine “identity management” in order to address all identity risks and support the professionals in the field to effectively collaborate and manage the identity and access risks facing their employees, customers, and organizations. With the adoption of cloud services, IoT, BYOD, and SaaS applications among other factors, identity and access management has become the most important discipline of cybersecurity and as such, IMI has created training and certification programs, active online communities, leading identity theft blog, and the largest identity theft discussion forum which is comprised of thousands of global experts to address the growing risks around identity and access management, identity theft, and data security in order to provide a full coverage for system security, fraud management, data protection, and compliance.

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