Below are some of the testimonials and feedback we have received from individuals and organizations which have used our services. We work with some of the largest global companies across all industries, government agencies, and security firms to address the growing risks in cybersecurity, identity theft, and compliance through education, training, and assessment.

We constantly strive to improve the quality of our products and services in a fast changing environment. As such, we are grateful for the Identity Management Institute reviews and feedback that we receive so that we know what we do best and where we need improvement.


“Obviously it’s natural to be skeptical about anything you buy on the internet. I have searched for Identity Management courses online and they ended up being terrible. By God’s grace, I stumbled on the Identity Management Institute. When I read the details, I really felt that this site knew what they were talking about. I was loaded with amazing information from their study guides, sample test and video presentations. I am glad I joined their membership and was amazed at the level of commitment they put into responding to the program.” Chester L. Burks, CIAM, CAMS

“I was searching for any user access management certification and this seems to be best in market. It covers all important topics related to UAM.” Nimit Dilip Doshi, CAMS

“CDP certification possession will be an added value to cyber security professionals
once India releases its final version of GDPR.” S V Subrahmanyam, CDP

“What a great program – I learned quite a bit in a short time from the CIAM program which gets an A+.”  Kenneth James Ferko, CIAM

“The CAMS program is firing on all the right cylinders and is easily adaptable to any environment. Thank you again for the excellent support and the continued efforts of you and your team to keep the program running.” Duncan Johnstone Murdoch, CAMS

“Excellent course content in the study guide. The CIAM course and exam are closely associated with international frameworks. This gives a holistic idea on how to manage an IAM program for an organization while leveraging the concepts of risk management and threat defense. In all, I loved the course. It gave me a good set of information for IAM strategy implementation and plan a successful IAM program. Thank you IMI. Keep up the good work.” Dhruv Pramthesh Pandya, CIAM

“I’m quite excited that I found out about the Identity Management Institute and its certification options. I have found that by being certified, I am bringing attention to the importance of Identity Governance to those who are in important IAM roles. Having the CAMS credential has accelerated my career and knowledge in the field as a consultant and contractor. My peers know that I am proficient in IAM and do not hesitate to ask me questions or get advice. I would recommend the CAMS credential to anyone wanting to get a head start into the realm of IAM.” Chelsea Malia Tingler, CAMS

“The CDP was a great course. The written material in the study guide and the PowerPoint were very informative and touched upon everything that the Privacy Officer is involved with at our company. She also works closely with the CISO. This course will help me better understand the terminology used in our meetings and why we do the things we do. Thank you!” Tina Gonzales, CDP

“I recently obtained the Certified in Data Protection (CDP) designation from IMI. The course gave me a comprehensive view on international security standards and privacy laws especially the (GDPR). Today’s border-less nature of our information systems naturally exposes many organizations to new risks and regulations and therefor the CDP program helps put things into perspective for an Information security practitioner.” Andrew Walusimbi, CDP

CIAM is a good and detailed program that covers all aspects of IAM. This test will also check your knowledge in other security domains at a high level. The test may be easier for those who have experience in the IAM space. Also, adding a third party certification is a nice feather in your IAM crown.” Niraj Kumar, CIAM

“The CIAM professional course materials possess the type of knowledge needed in the cyberworld. The study guide includes up to date information about real life scenarios in the workplace. The materials are designed to remind access managers, identity managers, cyber managers, and IT technicians about the importance of our tasks.” Sylvan Michael Lightbourne, CIAM, CIPA

“The CIPA study guide was user-friendly and easy to navigate. Online prep video and practice test are beneficial. Quick turnaround responding to questions.” Kathleen Patricia Caffarelli, CIPA

“Joining Identity Management Institute has been a great way to keep up with the changing times of information security. They allow you to keep on top of all aspects of information security and attain necessary certifications.” Paul Medici

“I learned a great deal from the CIPA study guide and preparing for the exam. I found this whole experience to be very rewarding and it was an area about which I knew very little. I have already begun incorporating the material into counseling sessions with clients.” Jennifer Lear, CIPA

“The Red Flags video course was informational and concise, providing our employees the proper information and training to successfully identify potential red flags in our mortgage business.  The course was also essential in complying with our annual required Red Flags Training policy.  The questions on the quiz were pertinent and were sufficiently explained during the course.  It was also very helpful to receive our scores so quickly.  I highly recommend this course and we will use it again.” Liz McCaffrey

“I found the CIPA study materials to be very good and covered all the things I needed to know to take the exam. I was fairly familiar with Identity Theft, which was helpful during my study period. The exam was very straight forward but made me think before answering many of the questions. It took me less than 1 hour to complete the exam.” Donny V Hunter, CIPA

“The CIPA study guide applies the most recent identity theft detection, prevention and resolution practices. I enjoyed the course and its contents especially the easy, sociable, and realistic presentation of the KAOS framework which can be used anywhere around the world.” Sylvan Michael Lightbourne, CIAM, CIPA

“I managed to pass the exams of IMI while having a professional occupation. The results are positive in my daily work.” Sebastien Lepers