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Companies typically develop identity management training programs for their employees, customers and business partners to reduce identity risks, minimize fraud losses, and comply with regulations. Identity and access management training programs aim to educate the target audience about specific risks, their responsibilities, company policies and procedures, regulatory compliance, and consequences of not following the established requirements and guidelines. Specific identity management training programs may be designed to address proper identification and authentication of individuals, privacy, or identity theft and fraud management techniques including fraud identification, detection and prevention, account monitoring, reporting, and fraud resolution.

Educating and training employees, customers and business partners is not only mandatory by various regulations, but also essential for protecting business assets and reducing losses. Effective training decisions are made when companies consider the target audience, training needs, and the best methods for presenting the information to meet company budget and time objectives.

Identity Management Institute® offers self study materials and video courses as well as online and onsite group training for awareness and education, risk management, regulatory compliance, and professional certifications. We also offer identity management training materials for management presentations and can customize training materials to reinforce the organization’s unique policies and procedures.

Instructor-Led Online Training (Webinar)

webinar2Webinar is a live training conducted by an instructor over the Internet to trainees who view the training presentation on their individual computers or on a large screen in a group setting. Some of the benefits of a webinar include low cost training, travel elimination, timing flexibility, and session recording. Contact us to schedule a webinar.

Instructor-Led Onsite Training

classroom-trainingSometimes organizations prefer an instructor to be on their site when providing the training. Although onsite training is more expensive than a webinar, it provides a little more interaction between the instructor and the trainees. Contact us to schedule an onsite training.

Online Video Courses

online-videoIdentity Management Institute offers online video courses for educating employees and the general public as well as its certification candidates. Click here to view the expanding list of videos.

Professional Speakers

speakerYou can also engage one of our certified speakers for your next event whether as a keynote or educational speaker to present topics related to identity theft, privacy, data protection, compliance, or  identity and access management.

Identity Management Training Materials

Our identity and access management training materials can be customized to meet any company needs consistent with established policies and procedures and regulatory requirements. For your unique identity risk management and compliance training needs, please contact us.